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How to use the site / Terms & Conditions

To begin with -
*How to use the site*

Right click on the illustration and then save to use.
All images are free and have transparent backgrounds that leave no blank space.

Should you require higher resolution images, EPS vector format, etc.,
these can be provided for a fee of 200 yen per image.
Please use the request form to place your request. The method of payment will be via bank transfer.

If you have an illustration request, please do not hesitate to make an inquiry.
They will be created for free, in order of request.
Should you want the image at short notice, you may be charged from around 1,000 Japanese yen for one illustration. (this service is available in Japan, only.)


Terms and Conditions
*Regarding the use of illustrations*

1. All of the images displayed on this site (hereafter known as the Site) can be used free of use for personal sites, company sites, corporate sites, blogs, etc. Also, the images can be used free of charge on flyers and other kinds of advertizing.

2. The images available on the Site cannot be reproduced for the purposes of selling merchandize, goods, etc.

3. The images on the Site can be used by large number of individual users. Due to this, the images cannot be used as characters, logo marks, etc., by specific businesses, corporations and groups. If this is your intention, please consult separately regarding this matter.

4. Higher resolution images, EPS files, etc., are available at a fee.

5. The images downloaded from the Site cannot be used as materials on other sites and redistributed. Also, the images on the Site cannot be copied to CD-R, DVD, etc., and distributed without permission.

6. The images on the Site cannot be used in the following case:
Should significant profits be lost on the Site's side through the use of the images.
Furthermore, the use of images is not permitted on sites deemed to breech public decency and morals.

7. Guarantee and violation of the Terms & Conditions:
The Site bears no responsibility at all for any trouble caused by the use of the Site's images.
If it is later discovered that the use of the images breaches the Terms & Conditions, from the day of usage a fee of 2000 yen per image, per day will charged.

8. Other:
If there is any matter that need clarify, please do not hesitate to inquire.

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Free clip art SASHIENOMORI
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